Six pack update

I still don't have a six pack .

Still hanging in there 105 days , chest infection finally gone I can really smell stuff. I dream of smoking and wake up pissed off because I've caved in while asleep. Then really happy because I'm still a non smoker pretty cool really. Things that keep me going 1575 cigs not smoked 14175 drags not had , £551 pounds saved banked and in back bin , the big one however is 1012072 deaths worldwide since I quit due to smoking related diseases that's one big number.

Hope your all well , coping and still going, I know I still have a long way to go to a calendar year nearly a third of the way there though rock on .

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  • I don't have a six pack either. But I haven't had a fag since February 28th. Still can't understand how that happened.

  • :p

    you can easily get an instant six pack by just following these instructions

    ;) hehe :D


  • Nice one Carol. Or you could try this:

  • How about this for the alternative 6 pack?

    Yum yum !!!!

  • :eek: tempted to lick the screen then :p

    ohhhh making me really really crave cake now yummy yummy droll droll :p:p

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