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No Smoking Day
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Well, into week 3

Evening all :)

I am so pleased I am half way through day 22. The time has flown by with relative ease.

I was, I felt, in no way mentally ready for this quit. I did it because my health was getting worse again and was constantly aware of the fact that one day, and maybe soon it would be too late if I didn't kick this disgusting habit into touch once and for all.

So I just went for it expecting it to be hard as my head wasn't in the right place but it has been the complete opposite.

I usually use patches and lozenges but couldn't face going down the same route again. I wanted to get over the worst asap but felt I could not do it cold turkey. Instead I just use lozenges. I don't want to stay on these forever so plan to cut down from the 4mg lozenge in the next 10 days or so. Well, when I run out! I'll do another month, maybe more, maybe less at the lower dose then take it from there.

I don't want to rush things and will listen to my body.

Can't believe how this quit is going and feel so positive about my future now.

We know it can be done, we just have to do it ;)

Gaynor x

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Well done Gaynor!

I'm happy to hear it seems easier this time around. Finger crossed, this is the time that leads to never wanting to go back to the way things were.



Well done Gaynor you sound so positive, glad its going well for you.

I'm using minis but to be honest hardly at all anymore. Listen to your body and do what ever it takes x


Thanks Alex,

This time I have no inclination to ever smoke again. It's almost like I never did. I don't miss them in any way shape or form. I have no desire to smoke. I have got through many stressfull moments in the last three weeks and not even thought about having a ciggie. Has someone taken over my body do you think lol.

Glad to hear you are doing so well Magwillz. As you say we can only listen to our bodies and do what feels right for us.

Gaynor x


Gaynor what a wonderfully positive post. I can really relate to it as it is not so far different to my quit. I got up one morning had a fag and decided there and then to stop as like you my health was starting to suffer. If i have any temptation I just think back to how I felt and say to myself no I don't want to die like that. This is my last quit and I hope its yours

Well done on 22 days and with your positive attitude you can look forward to 220 days and more



Thanks Aitch,

It gets to the point for some of us that you have to REALLY listen to what your body is trying to tell you and that is quit or else :o

I am sure that this is it for you and I :D

Gaynor x


Gaynor I am so proud of you hun, i feel just the same as you really positive this time. Well done sweetheart xx

Joan xxx


Great job Gaynor! Keep at it this time, you can do it!


Hey Gaynor good to see your name has worked for you, I really hope this quit is the one that sticks. Its true that smoking just saps away at our health its insane to keep doing it. Im a great beleiver that the universe will support any choice that is so massively pro-life.May the force be with you.

All the best Mash x


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