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Nearly day 39

Hi all, just though I would check in and see how everyone is doing! So nearly end of day 38 for me and so far so good! Sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a cig and I do have stressy days when usually nothing but a cig would do but ive not broken into my comfort blanket yet ( I have an unopened packet in my bag, my own personal way of dealing, I'm not denying myself, I am choosing not to have one), I know that doesn't work for everyone but it is working for me! I am waiting for the day I can chuck them in the bin but it's not the right time yet! Can't wait to get to 3 months when I am officially recognised by my doctor as an ex smoker!

Hope all is well, catch up soon :)

T x

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Well done on 39 days Tracy.

I did the carrying fags about with me thing too and for the same reasons as you. They were tangible proof that I was choosing not to smoke rather than being forced not to smoke. I'd be careful how long you hang on to them though. Threw mine out after maybe a week and a half feeling that they had served their purpose and to hang on any longer was to invite risk. Or to hang on in some way to the idea that I might smoke again when by then I absolutely KNEW that I wouldnt. I'd just urge a little caution although I realise we're all very different and what works for you is fine by me.

39 days though. Thats fab. I've kind of lost count of my days but I do know that on tuesday 5th it will be one calendar month. Still lovin it :)


Thanks Dippy Egg,

I knew I wasn't the only one who did the carrying cigs thing. I guess I thought that if I had some I wouldn't have that panic attack because I didn't have any and to be honest so far it's been a breeze (I won't speak to soon though) I will take on board your advice and try not to hang on to them too long but I don't feel quite ready to chuck them away just yet!

Well done on your one calendar month next week, I unfortunately am crossing the days of a calendar, I'm hoping that will stop soon too!

Take care and catch up soon, long weekend coming up woo hoo!



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