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7 months or thereabouts


As the title says I'm 7 months quit or thereabouts (stopped actually counting the days at about 5 months, I think!). Anyways, no congrats required just marking my milestone for myself. However, I would like to ask where have all my fat fighters gone from the "Until the pants fit!" social group? I can't lose weight alone. So get your cellulitic fat asses back there now to help us all collectively lose weight. Failing that, if you truly have either gone back to smoking or eating doughnuts in bed watching The Waltons then I'd like to invite others to the group. It's awfully lonesome being the only fatty at the party :( *sniff*

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Fantastic job on your 7 months!!!!

Somehow, I still feel like I'm gonna get a bollocking for this. It doesn't really matter what I say, does it? :D


A great big FAT well done from me, I'll join your fat group as im now officially obese according to my gp. excercise crucifies me tho , im quite happy to cheer.

Mash x:cool:

Recently turned on my wii fit - I'd gained 3 stone in 3 years since I'd last used it and with a BMI > 30, I am officially obese!!!

Was doing 30 mins biking 4/5 times a week until cracked ribs at the end of March - just getting back into it now!!! Seems to have stopped the weight gain...need to start losing some now!!:D


Yo yo yo y'all

Wat a 'gwarn?

Hope you are good

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