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2nd of June

Hey guys how are we all. My name is Fraser from Scotland, I hsve been smoking off and on/ light and heavy since I was 17. I have half hearted tried to quit a few times but never got past a few days. On Saturday I will turn 23 so I decided a couple of weeks ago that that is the time for me to vanish the cancer sticks from my life forever.

Its hard to say how many Cigs I smoke per day all depends on what I am doing. When I was in Europe on a Uni trip in Feb I was on about 12-20 a day, nights outs 8-12, stress day (like studying writting reports) 8-12, with people who smoke I'l light up as well. For the first 3 years I was probabaly just a social smoker only smoking when drinking was involved or if someone would give me one but I could easily live without them. Its only really been over the last year that I have been smoking daily (with at least 4 a day -- with the majority of my cigs consumed at night).

I realy want to quit for a no of reasons now. Most concerning is my heavy cheast. When I wake up in the moarning I find my breathing can be very heavy for the 1st hour. On Monday I was back down at the gym after a 2 month abscence because of studies, I done 15 mins on the treadmill and I was gasping for air (sure other factors such as weight gain played thier part). I never been more out of breath in my life.

Phelgm is another reason, I can feel it in my throat from time to timeand its is just disgusting, brown and tary can't believe I been posioning my body with that gross substance.

Finacial cost, can spend between 10 - 25 quid a week on fags which is expensive for me as I am job hunting just now and in a bit of debt from Uni that needs to be taken care of.

Feeling like an outcast, when I 1st started smoking half of my friends did as well. I now hang with a different crowd and maybe only a couple of them smoke, so if the smokers are not out it can be a lil embaressing poping out for a smoke.

Smell - I dont care about the smell on my breath or cloths its the way it sticks to your hands that get me.

Looks - I see what some people can look like after smoking for years apon year I dont want to waste my good looks (lol) because of a harmful expensive stick.

Tapping a fag - Nothing is more humilating that being on a nightout and asking a ramdomer for a smoke (usualy only do this because I ran out and dont want to leave the club).

With all these reason and the may more I prob should have quit months or years ago I stil regreat having that 1st ever fags cause it just leads to more and more. Gone are the day when I could say I only smoke when I m drinking now its I only smoke when I am smoking. Well anyway no point quitting today tomo or Friday cause I have that mindset that I will stop come midnight on Saturday. I been preparing by cutting back a fair bit over the last few days only on a few (say 3-4 ) just now.

Quiting - I plan to make use of this forum as a method of support. I will also be giving up the booze for the time being (one or two beers is ok but not over the limit) as I know that if I get drunk I will smoke. I will try my best to do it cold turkey but I do have lozengers left over from the last time. So if I need a few of them so be it.

Thanks guys any other tips


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Hi Fraz

Welcome to the forum. There are plenty of tips just have a look round the previous posts to start with.

Good idea to quit now while your still young. You are obviously aware of a lot of the reasons for stopping already. You are a bit unclear as to how many you smoke at the moment and that does not matter but one thing for sure is that the amount per day will only go up if you don't quit, so if you think its bad now, well it only gets worse.

Good luck and let us know how you are getting on



Hi Fraz,

Well done on your decision to quit. As Aitch said quitting when you are young is the best choice you could make. Hopefully it will be easier as you have not smoked for as long. You have plenty of good reasons going on there so wishing you all the very best.



Hi Fraz, well done with your decision to quit on Saturday, it's the best decidion you could ever make and you have plenty of reasons already to help you! You have definitely come to the right place as this forum has been invaluable to me on my quit (38 days now), it's a great place for motivation, help and to let off a bit of steam!

Good Luck with your quit and keep us posted with your progress!



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