No Smoking Day
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nearly the end of day 2

hey guys,

cant believe thats me nearly at the end of day 2 - mental lol. been a lovely sunny day and iv been burnt to a crisp, suppose it kept the kids amused to see their dad in pain lol.

was good to chill with them, and even went swimming which was also fun. not really had a want for fags tbh, i look at people who smoke and laugh at them behind their back lol, but dont think twice about maybe smoking one - i just get my e-cig out. Yes I kno some people dont agree with them, and on Wednesday eve, I'm going to a smoking cessation group to get NRT etc, and some more support so the e-cig will just be their in dire emergencies :)

Heres to day 3, heard that its meant to be a bummer weather wise tho :/ oh well.


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Hi Philip, well done on reaching the end of day two, you have got to do what you have to do to, it's your quit.

Well done hun.

Joan x


Day 3...bring it ON!!

Congrats :)

The mechanism of the Forum is well weird...all in the name of progress sigh


woop woop - it was so refreshing to see my kids smiling today at the park, a new lease of life :) x


Hii i'm glad it's going well.. i SWEAR by the e-cigs they are amazing! Wouldn't take any criticism about them, its the best thing going atm :)

Goodluck for tomorow and well done for today! xx


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