No Smoking Day
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starting again, do i get an A for effort? :P

Bloody sunshine! all ive done all week is had BBQ's and been pub and my only weakness when it comes to any of my quits is the social bit, i can handle anything else now, just not the social side of it.

My friend offered me a cig. which i took. i had it in my hand for 5 mins before i sparked it and there we go, 3 days chain smoking making up for what i missed! my hair is as dry as wood, my skin looks dull and i feel like poo when i wake up, didnt miss any of this so no plans this weekend apart from one meal out with mum's so try, try and try again! :)

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Nikki, don,t take it to hard hun, I think the sunshine bless it, as caused more than one person to find it hard going this week.

Just get back to your quit, you have got everything going for you at the age of 23, don't let smoking mess up with your health and your money.

Love Joan xxx


Massive trigger

This sunshine is a massive trigger, feel almost depressed, can't fit in to anything either which is making me ten times worse

God give me strength to get through this and don't let me light up I have done 103 :Days


You absolutely get an A* from me. I'd be worn out with all that stopping and starting. Good luck Again :)


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