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Goodness, look at the time :o

Hi everyone,

I have just realised that I have been travelling this new path in my life for 16 days :eek: I cannot tell you how surprised I am as it has gone so quickly. For the most part it has been very easy (surprisingly) so I hope that this will continue to be the norm. I have tried so many times to quit that I know what might come to tempt me off the path and that come what may I cannot step off it.

I have had my moments of thinking about a ciggie but it has been fleeting. I can still wake up feeling c**p when I realise I cannot wake myself with a fag or 3. Hey, I am still alive and those moments are too short to worry about. Day 6 I thought was going to be very wobbly and I wasn't in the best of moods but came out the other side with nothing nasty happening, at least my work colleagues still seem to be there to annoy me lol.

I have found previously that it has got harder for me the further into a quit I am. This my or may not happen but if it does I am ready for it this time. Previous attempts have seen me absolutley bursting with drive and passion only for it too reverse in the click of a finger.

The difference is this time I am not constantly thinking about the fact I have left smoking behind me. I am not focused on how long it has been (hence my surprise at being in week 2!) For the most part I feel calm and just doing it without a thought.

This is all a welcome surprise and look forward to spending next weekend at mums without having to keep popping out for a fag and giving her a long, sweet smelling hug :D


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Hi Gaynor,

You are doing great, I am so glad you decided to quit, and glad Karri decided to as well.We all know its not going to be easy but it will be so worth it for the goodness of our health and not forgetting our pockets.

I for one cannot afford to pay seven or eight pound a day on cigs.

I would prefer to treat my children and my grandchildren.

Unward and upward Joan xxxxx


Great to be reading your posts, Gaynor :)

Not a surprise to be seeing you're doing great...but damn sure that it's welcome :D

Keep on keepiin' on :cool:


Thanks Cav :D:D

Thanks Joan. Healthwise I feel so much better and my bank balance stays the same lol (minus the bills of course). I sometimes look at something and think Oooo, its £6 and feel that I should not buy it. Such a joke when I all but begrudgingly handed it over for a packet of ciggies :eek:

Apparantly I have saved £105.05 in just over two and a half weeks. Can't be bad ;)

Gaynor x


Well done gaynor :D


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