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Day 79. 757687

Hi all not posted for ages , just popped back to see who's still knocking around, kinda knew capitan would still be here and always look out for shojam and fleetwood. Sorry to see your not so clever fleets big cyber squeeze to you xx.

Turns out my increase in asthma since quitting smoking got significantly worse, from 4-5 attacks a year went to 4-5 a night things became quite bad, instead of listening to sound advice on here blamed it on the the quit and never went to the doc. Turns out 'twas deep seated infection long standing requiring lots of steroids antibiotics and other potions and mixtures to shift still not quite gone. How long to shift if I had still been smoking who knows.

I love being a non smoker and will never smoke again that's it simple, as no matter how depressed I get they'll make it worse because I'll hate myself for caving in. I'm not casting any stones you do what you do to make things right for you, it's horrible and difficult and I could smoke again this minute but nope not for me.

Stats to keep me going and maybe some of you too, 757687 smoking related deaths world wide since I quit, 1185 cigarettes not smoked based on a fifteen a day habit ( actual not a doctors 15) 10665 drags not had, £414.75 saved £600 banked in back bin. Some scary figures there peeps.

In one years time I will be a year older and so much wiser, as the docs said to me this week it gets a whole lot worse before it gets better. 29 year habit on the way to being busted 100 days next big target.

No more patches or plastic cigs no more vists to the smoking nazi, still battering strong mints like there's no tomorrow

Good luck everyone , chin up fleets x

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Big well done to you, Jonboy. It's an empowering feeling, knowing that you are stonger than the weed, huh?

Keep it up.:)


Yes, you need to know your limitations too, I'm a sucker for the sniper crave, you know the one that goes 'right time for a quick cig now ' even though you've not smoked for months, or there's no harm in one, I know that it's all or nothing for me Im afraid no Inbetween.

I'm just an addict that's not smoking at the moment it's the only thing that keeps me going. Apart from the fact I hated being a smoker disgusting habit don't know what I ever saw in it.


Great stuff JB! :D

Keep on saying nope and eventually it will just be natural for you not to smoke.

It's nice to hear from those who don't post so much, especially when you hear they are doing so well. :)

In 35 minutes I'll have done 100 days myself and it is definitely getting easier.

Keep it up and oh, from that well known series from long ago...

Goodnight Jonboy! :D


Well done Jonboy, I'm about 10 days behind you and it's good to know that I'm not the only one finding it 'horrible and difficult' and (oh no !!) what did the doc mean by 'it gets worse before it gets better' ???!!!


Hiya Jonboy......still here:p. Glad you are still going strong. Keep an eye on that chest of yours :)


Shojam and poppyseed

Hey peeps, nice to hear from you both. Chest infection still clearing generally feeling a bit ropey to be honest. I can't now give up giving up have come too far to bail out now. Plus I don't ever want to go through this again. I keep thinking that it can't get any worse and you know it can't really, my heads I the right place this time I think lol .

As for the doc well been doing a big of thinking about what she said, every thirty minutes for 29 years I have dosed my body with up to 4000 chemicals many of them poisonous, most definatly toxic and killers in a large enough dose in their own right. 11 weeks is not enough time for my system to have fully adjusted to the lack of these substances in the body. It could be many months or more likely years before it becomes the norm for these substances not to be present in the body so it's going to kick back. Just got to stick at it and keep sticking at it. I have never coped with any significant or stressful event in my adult life without cigarettes, so just have to keep building strategies to deal with the psychological fallout of smoking for so long.

Anyway enough of my inane rambling, hope you both stay well and stuck at it, either of you read any good books recently still struggling through the tower series by Stephen king like wading through glue if I'm honest anyhow catch you later.

Night capitan Lol



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