Hi Y'all iv been quit for 6mths now and have recently developed a really sore nose. the insides are really painful and dry , been doing lots of sneezing too, havnt got a cold or anything and feel pretty fine otherwise. Has anyone experienced this. i have a strong feeling its connected with quitting ,Im seeing my gp next week about it thats how bad it is.

Mash x

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  • Yep , i had the orrible sore nose too :eek: i was wonderin about it too , its gone now so maybe it was one of the crap things we suffer on our quit :mad: hope ya get better soon :)

  • My hayfever's been really worse since I quit, maybe the allergens can actually make it into our lungs now without being trapped by the smoking gunk. Our bronchial tubes would have opened too and we'd have a greater lung capacity so maybe more allergens can get in. My symptoms disappear after taking tablets...just a suggestion, hope it resolves soon.

    Lisa x

  • I've been taking antihistamines as well as my eyes and nose have been extremely watery since quitting. I suffer from cold sores on and in my nose and the constant sneezing has made these more frequent. Hopefully these problems will subside after time - they are very annoying though!!!

  • omg cold sores up the hooter.. never thought of that.. just douched my honker with vaseline. iv had quite a few coldsores since quitting all shortlived not like the old smokers ones which lasted for a week. im sneezing like a huricane on laughing gas about 10 in a row. i dont have a cold though. weird post quit thing..

    Mash x

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