No Smoking Day
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day 4, nearly back to where i was :)

So last time i posted in this forum i failed at day 5. i let 3 days of smoking go by and i still was not happy. so i picked up, and i quit again.

Im now in day 4. day 5 last time was hell, im not sure why either. im not going to panic about it, but im bracing myself for it. if i can atleast make it to tomorrow night i think that mental barrier will disappear.

feeling good. not to cocky this time. still have to have that little arguement with myself 3 times a day. the justifications that the brain uses are halarious! they are ofcourse illusions, i see that very clearly now.

anyways feels good to post. hope everyone else is getting on fine on there day 4's xxx

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I really hope you crack it this time. You have tried so hard you deserve to succeed.

Try and forget about it being day 5 tomorrow. Its just another day like yesterday or today. Look forward to seeing you post on day 6

Good luck


hey thank you! well i feel kinds crappy today so i dont think im going to have a bad day 5 anyways.

i will post in day 6 ill make sure of it ;) xx


Well done Nikki , you can do this - hang in there ......... it does get a lot easier.:)

Regards Trevor


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