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Back to square 1

Hi All,

I was doing really well and was entering into month three (will admit to two slip ups whilst drinking) but day to day I had quit and can honestly say that I had never felt better in my life.

I went on holiday and craved the whole week but did not give in mainly because I could not as I was with family who would have gone mad!

Came home to some terribly sad news about tragic death of a friend and the 1st thing I did was to buy cigarettes. I smoked for ten days and am now back to the beginning and have been smoke free since 9.00 pm on Saturday 28th April.

I have learnt some lessons mainly around alcohol and also in crisis smoking did not help - it actually made me feel even worse - like a failure and also like I was using tragic news as an excuse which made me feel very lousy.

So here I go again.

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Hi Dottie

I think everyone here on this forum can relate to your post at some time or another when they have quit.

Most important thing here is that you have learnt from it and know that smoking didn't make your tragic news any more bearable.

Onwards and upwards, good for you stopping again.

Keep positive




Thank you for the replies, it is a shame and it really did not help me one little bit in fact it made me feel a whole lot worse.

I can honestly say I was feeling amazing and now feel very subdued and having to start again is not a nice feeling at all.


I too gave in whilst grieving it never changed anything. i eventually quit again 6 mths ago and life decided it would send me the same lesson again when a very dear friend died.. but this time even though the desire to smoke was huge , i didnt smoke and i thank the kindness of the people on this forum for that.. Having to start a fresh quit is hard i know, to lose one is hard too. but when u do come back and crack on with it it just becomes the best thing ever. and its what my friend wanted for me and im sure yours does too.

Mash x


Hi Mash,

Thank you for sharing your experience with me - I am really struggling to quit again and have had the odd few, I just dont feel ready just yet - I know I need to be in the right place mentally for it to work so will give myself a little time.



I am not doing well this time

I am smoking a few fags each day and feel terrible - I know I will be back to how I was before the quit in the blink of an eye but am just not in the right head space to do it at the moment.


Just keep remembering that you do want to quit, and when u do it might be of some use to record just how smoking is making u feel right now, that way you wont forget how bad it is and it will be easier to not want it around in your life. im now a true beleiver in NOPE. i wish you well on your quest and want you to know its very do-able cos if i can anyone can. everyone says that coz its true. smoking is the cruella deville from hell what a bitch no offense meant to womankind but that word is so appropriate sometimes..

Mash x:cool:


I am smoking a few fags each day and feel terrible - I know I will be back to how I was before the quit in the blink of an eye but am just not in the right head space to do it at the moment.

Hiya Dottie, So sorry to hear you went back to smoking & have had to start again :( Please don't give up on giving up though, I did that last year & ended up on 30 a day until this March 14th this year - bloody hell I know it's hard & even now after 7 weeks I get urges, it's that now or never thing & once nicotine gets a grip of you again it's a nightmare to get out of. My life is one stressful thing after another so there never was or will be a right time for me to give up but I think the difference now is I don't want to smoke anymore, yeah I miss it now & then but I hate it more for making my breathing bad, ruining my teeth & skin & more :mad:

Thinking of you & hope you can do it again when you're ready, try looking at that's what I do when I get an urge.

Denise :)


I am back in the zone

Hi Everyone,

I have quit again and this time am adopting the NOPE philosophy in addition to a touch of Allen Carr.

I am going to use patches for 2 weeks and then nothing, I dont think I could just go cold turkey but also dont want nicotine going into my body for much longer as I have read that it leaves you in a constant state of minor withdrawel.

This is it now - NOPE


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