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Day 15

Hi just reporting in yesterday was the worst day i have had by far since quitting.

I had to drive from Manchester to Glasgow after picking up a new car from someone who doesnt drive the length of herself usually. Motorways that i was practically aquaplaning on with zero visibility the thought of i need a cigarette to calm down would not leave my head. Fortunately there aint no where to go on the m6 lol.

It got worse once i hit abington services my partner told me the way to get home from there as he was taking a different route ended up in Baillieston for an hour going round and round no one i stopped had a clue how to get back on the m8. I must have passed about 10 corner shops shaking tired and p****d off however i did not give in.

Eventually god bless google maps i got home to my mums whose a smoker and her partner also a smoker but again i resisted

Am so proud that as stressed out and as frustrated as i was i didnt give in because usually yesterday would have been about a 40 fag day when i only smoked about 15 per day. This is a huge milestone for me and has given me the confidence to say i dont think i will start again



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Sometimes those horrendous days can be a real boost in a quit - not when you're in the middle of them, that's just hell on earth - but when you come out the other side and wake up the next day and think 'I did it!'. Because you know if you can get through a day like that and not smoke, then you can get through pretty much anything.

Really, really well done myja. You clearly have your head in the right place. Keep on keeping on!

Helen x


Being trapped in a traffic jam with no fags is/was one of my worst nightmares. Infact anything traffic/car related sets off the craves - I took my car in to the garage last Thursday and just the strress of getting an MOT and service made it a really tough day.

Well done for not caving in though - especially after being in a house with two smokers....


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