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Champix help

Hi, my doctor has prescribed me with champix to help me stop smoking. I didnt know much about these pills but after some reading up im worried. Im not sure if i should be taking these as struggled with a case of PTSD only 2 years ago due to my military service. I can now safely say im pretty much over my PTSD, but im worried Champix could push me back in to that state and maybe further. Is there anything to worry about or is it all scare mongering? :confused:

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Hi There

When your doctor prescribed these to you they should have asked about past history etc as they will need to keep an extra eye on you whilst you take them.

I did not have any stress issues before i took mine and i was well looked after by the Nurse who prescribed mine to make sure that there are no side effects.

I had to go up weekly to see them that was what was planned but i stopped early and i stopped the champix on day 11 or 12. I have not looked back since so if you start them, find you have stopped smoking but want to stop the pills then if you have the willpower you can continue to stay stopped, well i did. I know everyone is different though :)

I would give them a call tomorrow and double check and if you and they feel happy try them, make sure you stay in contact and keep them informed of any changes whatsoever.

I hope i have helped a bit and i also hope that these will help you stop the dreaded weed once and for all x

Good luck


I believe that Champix is contraindicated for people who have suffered from depression and have a history of suicidal ideation. Your GP should have discussed this with you, I would go back and have a chat if this applies. You may still be able to take it but need to be aware of your mood etc and it might be wise like nutty said to have regular contact with someone in the practise so they can keep an eye on you.

All the best x


The doctor didn't seem that bothered when i mentioned the whole PTSD thing, but he didn't see how things were back then, im gunna go back tomorrow and speak with him. My wife is really not happy about me taking them so i probably wont risk it, plus i currently work with children and as we all know children can be quite testing at times, so i don't think unpredictable mood swings will be good in that environment. I'm very surprised the doctor didnt give me more information on the side effects, it wasn't till i started researching the pills i realized the potential for problems.

Thanks for input so far


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