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No Smoking Day
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bye bye month 3 hello week 4

* bye bye month 3 hello MONTH 3

hi All

Well tomorrow means i head into month 4. Been a relatively uneventful month, crave wise. My appetite is starting to calm down a bit so hopefully i can start shifting some of the extra pounds. But i rarely think about smoking. I think the key is keeping busy. I am doing a lot of exercise and that is helping

Still not going to let my guard down. I have been here before and i know sudden intense craves can still hit.

anyway, hope everyone is doing good.

See you in month 4/5

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well done Ben, cant wait to feel like that:p


Still struggling with the title Ben! :D

Good stuff on your 3 months! :)


its the quit, he is cofused:D:D. I know how he feels:eek:


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