No Smoking Day
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Smoking in my car is history

Now i've quit smoking and my sense of smell has returned i feel so guilty of putting others through inhaling my second hand smoke in my motor.

Looking back it's a very selfish act to do,worse of all is putting my two gran children through it who had no choice other than inhale it. People had the choice if they wanted to get into my car but children don't

I will never let someone smoke in my car ever no matter how long the journey is or how wet.

The car ashtray has been cleaned/disinfected and now holds some emergency spare change.

Once my girlfriend quits smoking, my flat will also go the same way. At the moment the only room that people can smoke in is the kitchen.

Another thing i'm looking forward to is not being forced to open my windows during the middle of winter to air my flat. I hardly ever had the heating on as it seemed pointless. I hated smoked filled rooms even when i smoked.

Winters will be far more cosy and enjoyable at home.

Being smoke free is wonderful.

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Awesome rogue! No smoking in my truck either! We made it another day! Woot!


Hi Rogue...well done!!!

It will take foreva to get rid of the smell out of your car mine still stinks and have washed the inside lol...As for your flat thats a great idea ban it, I did in my house last time I quit and found that even when i fell off the wagon still could not stand it in the smoking friends didnt like it at first but they soon got used to it and so did I..xx


Many of us have done the same thing Rogue, so there is no point in beating yourself up about it.

I have had my car valleted to get the smell out - it needed double steam cleaning to make a difference! I only wish someone could invent a similar procedure for my lungs.... :(


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