Day 12

Hi all, I'm on day 12 now so not long left in this room. I have been fine the last few days apart from the odd crave but I think I have my head in the right place now and just ignore them and see them for what they are I am finally sleeping a bit better and getting a little of my energy back and it feels great! BUT I have been sitting at work thinking about the red velvet cupcakes I bought yesterday all morning... sitting there, waiting for me to come home... does anyone know of a stop cupcakes forum?

Hope everyone is doing well!!!

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  • Well done Maddie :D and if you want a cupcake have a cupcake :p There is plenty of time to deal with the eating malarky when we are further along in the quit ;)

    Zoe xx

  • Three cheers for Maddie!

    Hip Hip Hooray

    Hip Hip Hooray

    Hip Hip Hooray!

    Way to go!


  • Well done Maddie :D

  • :D well done Maddie

    thats a very positive post

    mmmmm cake yummy

    but not as yummy as chocolate :p

  • hehe i just found this so thought i would share :p

    perfect excuse to eat cupcakes ;)

  • Thankyou everyone! Carol, I love it thankyou, I think I may have to use it as my desktop background. :) xx

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