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No Smoking Day
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Is this a good sign?

I'm beginning to have days (like today) when I can't remember how long it's been since I've quit. I have to look it up on my iPhone app. Seems to me that's a good sign, right? :)

So here are my stats: 15 days, 18 hours, 7 minutes, saving $86.97, and not smoking a little over 315 cigarettes. :eek:

Every day - every hour, actually - is a new personal best. And these days the cravings are few and far between, although they can be a beast when they do occur.

I actually got a mini-craving today while I was out riding my bike. It just made me laugh, and it disappeared in a few moments.

The Forum was inaccessible today for several hours - that drove me crazy. Good to see it's back up and running. Anyone else have this difficulty?

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Awesome your so positive about this quit! Keep it up and don't let that nic sneak up from behind!


Yea this forum was down today Gee which was very annoying like you say.

I love it when you have days like you just had where you totally forget that you smoked at all. The good thing is it's gets even better. You go days without thinking about it further into your quit.

Just remember to never let your guard down like i did. I thought i was free after two years and took 1 fag that was offered to me. THAT WAS FATAL :mad:


Hi DGee, good to see you posting. I have days when I can't recall how many days either but since we quit on the same day can keep each other right. :p

Would have been simpler to become non-smokers on the first of the month of course.

Great to see it's going well.



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