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Good news

Hi everyone,

I just heard from the doc's and my MRI and CT are clear of any of the possible nasties! Now I have to go for an MRI of my cervical spine as damage done there is looking like the most likely culprit for my symptoms! Still, would rather have a bad neck than an aneurysm, cancer or stroke which were the key things to rule out. The doc said there looked to be inflammation in my neck, hence the further test. Hopefully they can now figure out a treatment plan to cure my shoulder and upper arm pain, and my lower arm weakness and numbness, although my Horners syndrome in my eye is probably here to stay - at least it makes me look unique and I can freak people out with my one fully dilated pupil and one fully constricted pupil!

Still no smoking, and it is finals week for me, so I have not been around too much as so busy with university work. Also the house we were hoping to buy fell through, and we need to be out of ours (as it is sold) by the end of April, so we are frantically scrambling around looking for never rains ehhhh

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Good for you genes. So happy that the tests are turning out ok and with everything you still have not smoked!! That is great. If you need to rent a place for a little while you might do that. Buying a house when in a hurry is NOT a good idea. Good luck with the house, school, and medical stuff.Keep up the fantastic job you are doing. You are a living example to the rest of us!!! ppat


Awesome news overall Genes :)

I'm so pleased for you and your family, good luck with the rest of the tests and your finals.

Congrats on sticking your quit throughout everything, if you can do that you can be a non smoker for the rest of your life :D

Best of luck on your house hunt too.

Let 'em have it girl! :D


Thank you all so much, and thank you for the support through out. I have never been really sick, so it is scary. Still not nice as I do not know what is wrong, but at least it is nothing too evil!

I cannot wait till Friday and my last exam! We are looking at houses, we have been for some time, but OH was injured in a car crash a year ago, and a job loss and five surgeries later his credit has taken a hit and I am a student from the UK, so we are stuggling to find financing more than the house. We have a nice deposit from our home sale, unfortunately that does not mean much right now :(

We will figure it out though, rent for the time being if necessary, and OH is something of a genius in these situations, so I will let you know what he comes up with (put it this way, we have been staying in our house rent free now for 5 months since it sold!) - this helped us accrue a deposit. For me I guess I would rather wait till I graduate next May - as an RN I will earn a pretty nice, steady income that with our big deposit will mean a better house, plus we can consider where I am working. The problem is we have 4 cats, 1 dog and 5 kids, so not easy to find ANYWHERE to rent :eek:

On the plus side, not got time to think about smoking! Several smokers have snuck out from our class. Originally no one admitted smoking (it is a nursing program after all!), now between class I see between 4 and 5 people huddled outside, and I know a few on the verge. So far I have not been tempted. Honestly though I think it is because I know none of the hospitals hire smokers and they do a 3 month nicotine test, so I do not want to risk it, plus I know I would only HAVE to quit again in a year! Not sure why the others started up again :confused:

Well, I am enjoying a cold beer while waiting for OH to get home. Got a lot of studying done today, ironically one of my tests is on the neurological system, so I know all the symptoms/diagnostic tests from experience now!

Not looking forward to another MRI next week, they are loud and horrid - although the tech said I was the fastest she had done in 5 years as I was so still - I guess my talent is not moving!!! :eek:


Improving - good to see

Hi itsinthe genes

Very glad to see things are certainly improving for you & good luck with your exam.

The fact that you didn't smoke through all that you've been through is highly commendable :) Congratulations.


OK bonnylass, good news, pleased all is ok. The horners, just pretend you are winking at everyone around you:)


Great news, what a busy time you are having. Put your feet up with a nice cuppa and a choccy biscuit. You really deserve it :D