Hey guys, I have managed to stay strong even tho I was at a party and everyone there smokes I didn't have any. I feel really good about that :D

But I have experienced some hallucinations the past couple of days, at first I thought it was because I didn't get any sleep and I had the longest sleep in the history and I still have some hallucinations, now is that a side effect to nicotine patches?

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  • No hallucinations

    Hi Alghamdi29

    I haven't heard of any hallucinations being a side effect of nicotine patches.

    That party you went to!! I hope no body interfered with the drinks or anything or baked a cake with hashish in it!! Were you with friends?

    Congratulations on staying quit - you're doing very well.

  • I really don't know, yeah they are my friends but we play pranks on each other but we tell each other afterwards, and no it wasn't hashish because I can smell hashish from a mile away << LOL :eek: :D

    I quit all drugs and everything was a success and now its quitting tobbaco time, I want to start a new clean life and forget about the past :) my playing days are over for me (Thank god) ;)

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