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another quitter

Hi Guys

Only recently discovered this forum and I have to say its great that so many people are willing to help and support each other through what is a very difficult time !

I quit properly (had a few half hearted attempts in the past) at 7pm on Monday 30th January. I had been on a low doseage of champix for a while but decided that night that enough was enough.

Its not been an easy ride though, 30 years of addiction being dropped and hopefully forgotten, and pockets no longer full of fags and lighters but humbugs and other assorted mints.

The thing that has suprised me most though, was the intensity of the cravings after a month, I suppose I was expecting them to lessen and not to be quite so severe, but as with most peoples comments, it helps to find your own way to overcome that brief moment of want.

Its not all bad though, my sense of smell has returned, not that I realised it had gone, I can smell smokers, even if they are not smoking, did I really smell like that ? my sense of taste has changed, my blood flow seems to be better (gentleman, you know what I mean !) and I have a bank account that still has money in it half way through the month.

On the whole, having now experienced the pro's of giving up, they far out wiegh the con's and hopefully, due to my actions I won't be visiting Papworth again for a very long time.

Stick at it guys


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well done jonnynosmoke

i never realised i smelt so bad always thought a piece of chewing gum and a spray of deodorant solved the problem how wrong i was lol

your cravings will ease as time goes by and you are seeing smoking for wat it is which will give you strength

well done and stay strong



January quitter

Hi jonnynosmoke - I'll put you on the list of January quitters. There are 20 of us now.

Congratulations on your effort


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