No Smoking Day
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I just thought I would test myself because I know that I have made up my mind to never smoke again and I know that I will never fail so one of the ladies in my office was going outside for her smoke break and I said I would join her just to get away from my desk for a while... well I did get a very slight craving from smelling all the smoke of the 10 smokers sitting around me smoking but at the same time I felt like I was being suffocated!:eek:

When we FINALLY walked away it felt so good to finally breath fresh air, It was a relief, I certainly wont be joining any smokers again on their smoke breaks... I much rather prefer the clean fresh air thanks very much!

Day 12 today for me!:Dand feeling very positive like always

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It's good to test yourself. In my job I visit people in their homes, yesterday I visited an elderly guy who smokes like a trooper, I'd usually have a ciggie with him!! Bit nervous about the visit since quitting and when I walked in his house it stank of stale smoke and I'd never noticed the yellow walls and ceiling before, but I managed very easily to spend time there without the need for a cigarette, I stank when I walked out - never noticed it before.


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