No Smoking Day
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Stage I am at - Day 51 (minus 1 day)

Changed my NRT and i am now using nicomist as my main form of NRT, i dont use the lozenges now. I am finding this aid brilliant.

Due to my latest slip up through alcohol (important factor) i am not contemplating trying to reduce my NRT the now as I dont feel ready. I am finding it is happening naturally though which is a good sign.

Have a night out on Saturday this week and i guess after my slip up or whatever it is being called, I want to come on here on Sunday and write "I didnt smoke" This will be a huge relief for me to prove that i can do it (after the last time). Wont be drinking as much though lol :D

Well done to everyone - i think the first 3 months really are the toughest

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How do you know if he is unattractive though if he looks attractive lol I am pre warning all my friends about the smoking, i find it quite embarassing if i have to "beg" for a cigarette of someone when out, which i wont be doing.

The good thing is i will be indoors in the pub and not sitting in a livingroom with people for about 12 hours who are all smoking - will be avoiding that situation for a long time!

Oh and just bought a gorgeous dress, dry clean only - will try and get a few wears out of it before washing lol (could never have done that as a smoker)


i'll hopefully be too busy dancing to think about men or smoking ha! how is ur quit going Karri?


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