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No Smoking Day
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Day 11 today! :)

Today is Day 11 for me today and Im doing well, considering I have given up on not only nicotine but food and caffeine as well!!!

Im coping fine:)

Ok cant really say given up food but the unhealthy fattening food I have... Staying away from coffee too...Ive noticed that since I quit smoking I have become a caffeine addict!!! no more!

Hope you are all doing well!


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Keep up the good work!! :D


Good for you!!!!

Ive been eating mega healthy and cut out caffeine over the past week too and can honestly say I feel fantastic. Cant remember the last time I ever felt this good.

So keep at it, its totally worth it.


Thank you all!:)

Its so nice to have all this support...It makes you feel good and also makes you more determined, Good luck to all of you...we can do this... Its not difficult at all, Our minds are just trying to convince us that we cannot do it, The mind can be a powerful thing! DONT LISTEN TO IT!


Well done Carolyn05, blimey the detox queen. How cool to get all healthy all in one go! :cool: 11 days is brill.


haha:D you enjoy that cake! Dont worry, I cheated too...

couldnt resist some yummy smoked spare ribs last night!!

I do love my food :-) Just trying to cut down on the amount that I eat but dont think I could give up the junk completely



Hi Carolyn05

Congratulations on getting to day 11. It's not easy at times & you've done well.

Like you, I'm on Champix & as far as I'm concerned it's a "miracle drug".


Thanks Nonico, I totally agree with you 100%, I am barely feeling any effects from quitting, It truly is a miracle:) DAY 12 TODAY!


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