No Smoking Day
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Day 12 :)

Hi everyone, i've been so busy which is why i havent posted in a few days

I'm on day 12 and going fine ^_^ i haven't had any real challenges so far so i'm hoping it'll stay like this, i think the reason i've done so well is because in my counselling i worked through why i felt the need to smoke (asside from the nicotine addiction, ofc) so i#m finding it okay

I hope that it stays this way but i'm aware that i haven't came across any difficult situations!

I hope everyone else is doing alright :) keep it up xx

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That's fabulous, Strawberry! You just keep smiling through, you are doing great. :)


Well done Strawbs :cool: keep going you are doing so good :D

Zoe xxxx


:) Well done Strawberry, that excellent news. Keep up the good work and keep on track. Jacqui

Quit Date: 10.2.12

Fab Febbers.


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