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No Smoking Day
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Hi Everyone

After 35 years of smoking I am chuffed to say I am coming to the end of day 4 smoke free - never a heavy smoker but I was addicted!!

After 8 days on Champix I suddenly didn't want a cigarette, it's a feeling that I can only describe as bizarre.

Not to bad a day today, bit edgy and anxious, had a couple of nearly moments but I resisted the urge. Have found some of the stories on here an inspiration and it's each and everyone one of you on here that knows what each and everyone of us going through.

Keep it up everybody

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Welcome Dawn :)

That's a lengthy smoking career but it will be turned around. Keep focussed on becoming the non smoker you aspire to. Read and post along on the Forum and other sites to educate yourself into the myth of nicotine.


Hiya Dawn....welcome to the mad world of this forum......:rolleyes: some of your best and worst moments will probably take place on here......:)

Good Luck



Thanks for the encouragement, I'm sure I will be making good use of the forums over the coming days/weeks/months.

Day 5 and it's getting easier each day, someone said to me today that my skin looked better - that was from a male work colleague - I was chuffed!!


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