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day 3 champix

Hi all, This is my 3rd day smokefree im very pleased to say after taking champix for 17days, i was starting to doubt the pills but they really do help with the cravings but will power is needed with habit.

I still get the odd craving but its so much milder and easier to deal with.

I can already smell better, taste better and ive had a new image to go with the real me, my hair is so shiney, my nails are now white and not yellow stained and the nicotine on my fingers has started to dissapear.

Hope the little insentive helps someone else, just little changes in a matter of a couple of days.

Oh and i aint got the irritating cough in the morning either and the house already starts to smell nicer.

Good luck everyone with your quit

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Great stuff, Tracy...nothing like seeing good results early on :)

Remember that you're here for the long haul and have an end result of being smoke free. Well in sight with the start you've got going.

Read and educate yourself about quitting whilst you've had these early success. Take part and offer a helping word to those behind you....that has a good effect of consolidating information about quitting and staying quit in your own mind.

Have a go at writing your reasons for quitting smokes. Keep a copy handy and read them if and when you get to a difficult position when push may become shove. Do keep pushing :cool:


Welcome to the forum

Glad to hear that all is going well so far, Tracy.

I stopped about seven months ago using Champix - it really helped me to get through the first weeks. You will still find that you need to have some willpower and discipline, but if you can stay calm and positive about quitting, you will hopefully find that it is not too bad at all.

Good luck


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