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Day 15 on Champix


Hi all, so glad I've found this site tonight. I am on day 15 and I have found today very difficult, as bad as I felt on day 3. I need to write an assignment for college and I am finding it very difficult to concentrate without my usual fag breaks. I have had a big row with my husband and he is now staying upstairs out my way. I know a cigarette wont fix all this but that devil on my shoulder is saying "oh just the one" aaaaaargh:mad:

Packed in 6/02/12. Using Champix

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Don't give in Karen, you will be so disappointed in yourself, I know from previous experience. Get yourself some really cold water and try breathing deeply and slowly until the crave goes, you CAN do this:o

dont give up! The craving will pass before you know it! YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN..YOU CAN...YOU CAN... :)

Thanks everyone, that awful craving did pass. Im on day 16 and I feel fine today. I have still had cravings but they havn't been as overwhelming. You're all right, we CAN do this xxx


well done:)I knew you could do it and Im proud of you!! We CAN do this :)

well done karen stay on track. Drinj water and keep telling yourself a fag will not change things or even relax you. All the best . Jacqui

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