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Battled through and made it to week 2

Morning all,

Today is my first day of week 2. Not sure what I was expecting, but feels a hell of a lot like week 1 so far :o

It's not been a stroll in the park by any means, so I'm happy to have got this far. It has actually seemed to go by really quickly, so I should be grateful for that.

Sleep patterns still seem to be pretty messed up, but I'm sure that will pass the longer this goes on.

Have gone over 2 days since using the nicotine inhaler aswell. I guessed that it had helped me get through the initial panic phases, so worth a try now doing it with nothing but will power. The funny thing is, I still need to have the inahler with me, even though I dont intend to use it. I guess it's a form of comfort blanket.

All the best to fellow week 2's, we can all do this :D


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well done Dellboy, you are doing great. :p


nice one :)

its not a bad thing to still have it around at least you know its there if you do need it

onwards and upwards is the only way to go :D


Hi dell boy

It does feel great to get to week 2 - I find it has gone much faster than I thought it would too!



:D Hi Dellboy, well done in your quit in getting to week 2. Stay strong and positive heres to the next week, onwards and upwards. (Hows rodders) lol.


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