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Champix my experience

I dont know if this is of any help to those ppl on champix, but It has worked for me.

1. Always have champix with food (stops the stomach aches)

2. I realised that my anxiety about not sleeping was why I did not sleep. I also keep a pad and pen next to me to write out what is bothering me, then slept.

3. Chewing gum, helps with the dry mouth, your mouth produces more saliva, which is good for acid/heartburn.

4. If you feel angry try to talk about how your feeling.

5. Space out your dosages accordingly. 1 mg twice a day should be 1 every 12 hours i.e 1 at 6 a.m next at 6 p.m

6. If you do experience serious problems stop and contact your doctor immediately.

7. Lucid dreams are cool, did you know you can actually control your dreams when in them? have a go.

8. Dont Drink alcohol ( have you ever heard of mixing drink and drugs being good for you ever?)

9. Be Positive, Always think why you want to quit, they say no pain, no gain.

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Hi Max

Yeah taking them with food and chewing gum works wonders for me - i have never had such a variety of dreams before and isnt it strange how you can remember them too!!




Dunno about the not mixing with Alcohol.


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