No Smoking Day
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Just popping in!

Not sure if any of you remember me but I have almost reached my year! It will be 1 whole year on 13th Feb :D

I would have liked to have hung around on here but felt it was taking over slightly and therefore smoking was in my thoughts far too much.

So how have things changed you may ask? My breathing has changed for the better, I smell better and feel so much healthier.

Since I gave up my husband stopped 7 months after me using Champix and he is doing great. I really never thought he would do it. My brother and sister in law stopped in December. I am hoping it is all down to my influence.

There are times when I think about smoking but they go just as quickly as they pop into my head. I know I can't and I don't really want to. My children still look at my ticker on the computer and are very proud of us both. They no longer come into contact with any smoke which is brilliant!

The only down side is I have gained weight but I am currently working on that and have started dieting and exercising every day.

Anyway the main reason I am here is just to say a huge thank you to all those who supported me in those early days, I am sure without the knowledge and support you gave me I wouldn't be here now about to enter the penthouse!!!!:D

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hi there!! i was wondering where you went!! im so happy to see you are approaching your year so congrats!!

i hit a year on jan 1st!! this is so great!!

nice to hear from you and good job quitting!! make sure you go out and deserve it!!!


hey hello

glad all is going well and bril oh and inlaws have followed suit

congrats on your year on the 13th feels amazing doesnt it



It feels great! According to mine and my husbands combined totals we should be about £1,500 better off and able to celebrate but as to where the money is??? :eek::confused:

No I still struggle with drinks but don't know whether it is an awareness thing as being drunk can often cause relapses. I do have rose wine and ciders sometimes though. How are you doing Karri?

Nice to see lots of names I remember still going strong. :)



Nice one :)


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