No Smoking Day
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Day One of Month Two


Ok, I have gone cold Turkey from new years day onwards. I have not only quit tabs, but the other type of popular smoking of which you cannot purchase in shops...

I have to say, I am sick of dreaming about being a submarine commander, spaceship pilot, soldier (allied & axis) and sometimes even myself, albeit in situations totally unplausable. Waking up and feeling like I haven't actually been anywhere near my bed for the past 5 hours (yes, I am waking up at 5am then tossing and turning until my alarm goes off)

I am sick of being dizzy, losing my balance when I turn my head too quickly. Sick of wanting to kill people, snapping at my terribly understanding girlfriend who is most definatley getting the sh!tty end of the stick right now.

I'm sick of the odd feeling in my head like I'm perpetually trying to shake off a hangover or a concussion.

But most of all I'm sick of losing any and all motivation just after lunch time, it's like I need to have 40 winks or something, I used to be an avid climber, I'd go 3 or 4 times a week, haven't been once for 3 weeks, i just cannot get motivated. Worst of all I'm still eating like a horse (and have to stop myself eating more) my metabolism surely cannot keep up the pace for much longer, just fearing waking up and starting to feel the dreaded droop :(

On the plus side, I am not getting cravings. :o

So far the process has been a total chore, the only thing keeping me on the waggon is the thoughts about my future, I'd always said since I started smoking that I would quit before I was 30 because I heard your body is back to that of a non smoker by the time you are 40 (by the way, started smoking 'special' around 13 / 14, didn't start on regular cig smoking until 15, am now 29 and 3 months. Was a 7 - 10 a day man, and 2oz a month) but I dread to think of the damage I have done....

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Hi there,am with you on the sleeping problems,am up at 5 everyday and therefore am shattered by the middle of the day.I am just wide awake and have to get up.I feel rather down but not sure if its the fags or other things in my life,am eating like a pig and keeping slim and fit are very important to me,so think the fact have put a few pounds on is getting me down.Am still telling myself that my body is still reajusting to being a non smoker and all these things will improve with more time.Am at 1 month too.Am not sure re the other special stuff,I know it can have all sorts of side effects so its quite likely you have have withdrawal from that too?get out for a run or any sort of excercise it will really improve your mood,its helping me,give yourself more time and just enjoy the dreams,they sound like fun x x x


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