guess what?

Hi guys, In 33 mins (when i started this thread), I,YES ME! sorry for shouting but i have been 100 DAYS WITHOUT SMOKING!!!!

i know its daft but im almost making up milestones to keep me going lol.

bearing in mind the longest i have ever managed before is................*drumroll*..............4days pmsl.

here's to the next 100 days

never quit quitting

jenni x

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  • Hi, that is really inspiring to hear...i'm on day 9...100 days sounds a long long way away! bloody well done

  • It was only after 100 days that I stopped counting in days. It was a huge milestone for me! Fantastic job jen, you should be totally proud.


  • sorry - a day late, but congratulations on 100 days (101 days now) - fantastic achievement - you should be really proud of yourself!

  • new member

    Hi I have just joined the forum today and have completed the 12 weeks course of champix about three weeks ago , I have been stupid and have had a few cigs this past few weeks to get me through some struggles I am having , I really dont want to end up back smoking heavy the way I used to , smoked about 30 a day , does anyone have any help or advice to give me as I feel really down and cant believe I have let myself smoke again


  • Hi Mistypoo - welcome to the forum!

    I had a similar experience to you but only had the one cigarette after coming off Champix last December. I immediatly went onto NRT which has helped get me through the dicey patch I was in - but I've taken forever to come off that. I'm now into day 3 of giving NRT and it is not easy! Feels like I'm giving up smoking all over again in some ways. I just don't want to be addicted to nicotine in any form otherwise I probably wouldn't bother. So I wouldn't recommend NRT as it really does prolong the pain of giving up.

    Some people on here have recommended Allen Carr to help you understand your addicition - and I couldn't agree with them more. You know in yourself that smoking does absolutly nothing to help with whatever situation you're in - but it's sometimes just a matter of getting your brain to click with this. Knowing something and really understanding something are two different things sometimes.

    Read, read and read some more - really get to grips with what the addiction is all about and then I think you'll be able to quit. These stop smoking aids can and do help - hundreds of people have quit with them so I'm not knocking them - but try doing without them first...I would rather have just suffered the withdrawals last year rather than going through it now - but at least I know that fairly soon, it will all be in my head and I can probably deal with that.

    Good luck and keep on the forum - there are some great people on here who are really supportive, and others who (being just as great) will just tell you how it is (whether you like it or not ;))

  • 100 days is awesome! keep it up you are doing wonderful!

  • thank you all for your well wishes, its nice to have positive posts hey well done all quitters

    never quit quitting


  • Hi Mistypoo and welcome to the most amazing forum with the most amazing people ever.

    I suffered many quits but none ever lasted longer than 4 days.

    Yet this time was different! i knew everyone else i knew had set me up to fail yet again and i had fail set in my head too :(, until i thought actually its my quit and i will push myself and prove them beggars wrong.

    completing a week for me is what did it just thinking oh my god i did a week without a ciggie, id saved a bundle and lets do it lets try for week 2.

    here i am 101 days later dont get me wrong its been hard (read earlier posts of mine) my g.p and hospital doc are amazed that now ive found throat issues that smoking masked that i still havent said well i might as well blinking smoke then, however what would it solve apart from remasking throat problems, i gave up not knowing i had throat issues so im glad i did give up and im now better educated about me and i feel empowered knowing im a non smoker and always will be!!!!

    p.s i still look over my shoulder for nicodemon im not complacent.

    never quit quitting

    jenni x

  • Hi Thanks for all the helpful advice and tips , I plan on waiting for a little while before I go for another big push on stopping smoking , I saw champix as a last resort for me , as I have pretty much tried most other things , patches , hypnotherapy , acupuncture etc , I was told last year that I am borderline COPD and know that I have to somehow beat this nicotine addiction , I lost my mum three years ago to emphasema and know how awful it was to watch her go so horribly , and yes it should have been reason enough for me to quit , and I did plan to , but just never found the right time , but then I wonder if there ever is a right time , or am I just stalling for time , I was so determined this time , and just cant believe I did so well and then it all went pearshaped so easily ,so I am a bit down with myself right now , has anyone tried a second course of champix this soon after the first course ?

  • 100 days??? WOW!!! YOU GOOOO!!!!

    I can't wait till I get there! Congrats to you!!!

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