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Goodbye month 1!

Just a quick hello as not been on for a while and a goodbye to month 1 lol..still going strong anyway,think its going to feel good in the morning when I can say Iv not smoked for a full month..yey!

How many new years quitters are still going..hope to still see many of you still with me in month 2!

Feeling up and down..last week was the hardest,last few days been easier but have been trying to be more active,think this is the key!

Hope ur all

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Just a quick WOO-HOO for getting the full's gonna feel absolutely great tomorrow morning, I suspect it does now.

Being up and down is par for the course and there's plenty information here for you to dig into that can help with understanding. If you don't find what you need to then post a query and folk will advise.

A premature welcome to month 2 :) - it's a short one...apart from that extra leap year day...tsk!


I am moving into the 2nd month tomorrow also. It is such a great feeling to know that you've done this well. It really helps that we are all in this together and I get great comfort from knowing that when I come on here I know someone is feeling the same way or can at least understand.

Day 31 smoke free and I will never, ever, ever smoke again!!! That is a promise I made to myself and to my grandkids. ppat


Hurray for New Years Quitters! I'm still with you. I've had 1 cigarette since then, but that's still 281 less than I would have smoked, and I won't be having any more.


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