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Day 3 the worst so far.

Hi all, i am just nearing the end of day 3 without smoking. I had the intention on quitting but using the gum as and when i needed. I used one piece the first morning and havent had any since, i didnt find it helped all that much, and i got fed up of chewing and holding in place so i could absorb the nicotine. I felt as though if i had gum i may as well be having a ciggie.

I must say today has been the hardest by far, i have been so angry, tearful, shouting, justa bit frantic in every thing ive done. My hubby is 8 weeks smoke free and he has been my rock, although i take it out on him.

Has anyone had a weird feeling in their legs, i cant seem to rest them without them jumping, or hurting i actually feel like ive been hit by a car in the legs. i am having trouble sleeping, i woke this morning after 1 hour of sleep an felt like i could of just given up trying and had a ciggie. I didnt tho and im so pleased with myself. I just have to keep going, i just wish these horrible feelings in my legs would pass so i can get some decent sleep.

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hi,, day 3 its was an absolute nightmare for me as well. the good news it got easier from day 4 . your mind starts to accept that you dont need to smoke. i will be on week 4 tomorrow and never thought i would get past day 1 so well done to you .

as for your legs , probably your circulation coming back to life. :)

good luck it does get easier


The leg thing probably is the increased blood flow - Try taking a couple of paracetamol before bed, and having a bath. If it wakes you in the night get up and walk around a little bit, try a hot water bottle, massage your legs with a bit of oil (sounds weird, but I suffer a lot from leg pain at night and it helps me).

If it keeps up for more than a few days I'd suggest just having a word with your GP. They might be able to help.

Other than that, just keep cracking on with the quit, you're doing so well and it's all worth it!

Helen x


Thank you both for the tips, and encouraging words. i will keep going, soon to be on day 4, and going to bed now. hopefully i will gain some sleep tonight. well done to both of you and keep up the good work.

thank you to everyone who posts on this site, without you all people like myself would fail at the first hurdle, to read words of encouragement and the time taken to support people by each and every one of you is truly amazing.

Sammy x


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