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Day 28 and a fall off the wagon :(

Hi, this is my first post on this site, I've been reading posts since I quit and have found them enormously helpful.

I went out last night (first night out since quitting) and well and truly fell off the wagon. Bought 10, smoked 6, binned the last 4 today.

I'm really gutted - as really really want to stop. I'm fine in work, at home, in the car etc - but really struggle when I have a drink. Have avoided alcohol like the plague for this very reason since new years eve.

Does anyone have any advice?? I feel like I'll never be able to go out as a non-smoker :(

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Hey Starry and welcome to the membership :)

28 days is...well, a 4 week month milestone :cool:

Drinking and quitting defo don't go hand in hand in the early days for quite a few.

However, as you'll know from your lurking days, there's been some discussion about Allen Carr. Whilst he's not everybody fav quit method he does certainly work for a few. One of his comments in Easyway was about not changing other aspects of one's life...just stopping smoking. From that I think he actually stated keeping to your other regular habits such as a pint or 2. Others who are using Carr's Easyway will be able to clarify if I've got things hopeless out of context.

But then I'd imagine going out to the pub shouldn't be out of bounds for quitters. Now that you have experienced that trigger it should be easier to plan ahead. Have just a couple of drinks instead of a truck load. Think of exit strategies if you need to avoid slipping up. And actually when it comes down to it, soft drinks don't mean you're having any less of a good time.

Keep posting and keep quitting,



Hiya Starry and well done on your 4 week quit. Like you're doing, although you've had a few fags, get straight back on the wagon.

I suggest having a few beers/wine etc at home to try and disassociate smoking with alcohol. That's what I did before venturing out socially. I don't think I could have gone out to the pub 2 weeks after quitting and not smoking. I left it at least two months whilst having drinkypoos at home instead. Then when I went out I didn't have the double whammy of;

1). associating the taste of alcohol with smoking and

2). the association of a pub atmosphere and smoking.

I just had no. 2 to deal with, which was easier than the two together. If you get what I mean. A couple of months away from social situations is a small thing to put up with really in the grand scheme of things. I won't ever smoke again now, so it's well worth it in the long run.

I'm an quitter using Allen Carr's method but no way could I just go out in the early days and not have a ciggie. He must have been mad from not having fags when he wrote that! Seriously, there must be a few who can endure the pub straight away though but I wasn't one of them and maybe you aren't too. Anyways, good luck with your quit.

Lisa x


I did as Lisa has suggested, I would have a couple of drinks at home. I am not a regular drinker, so for me drinking and smoking were absolute bedfellows! I drank a few times at home, then went out with only non-smokers for a night or two (planned this way) then went out with smoker friends with no problem.

Perhaps this is worth a shot?



I know it would be a big trigger for me, social drinking, even though i'm doing the Alan Carr thing. It does depend on the drink though. I'm ok with gin and tonic; it doesn't get me drunk particularly. Beer would be dodgy, and wine would be hopeless. I get merry and big hearted really quickly on the wine, and would be straight back on the fags!

It's good if there is a drink you are ok with, because after 4 pints, J20 definitely makes you feel like throwing yourself off the nearest bridge



Hi, thanks to you all for your kind replies - you've helped me get some perspective and remember Allen carrs's wise words.

Yes alcohol is definitely the trigger - think I'll definitely try drinking small amounts at home for a couple of months before painting the town red again. Luckily I'm saving for a house so it gives me a good excuse to stay in!!

One good thing is that after Saturday the thought of smoking again is making me heave so at least the slip up hasn't made me want to start again !!

Thanks again


Hi Starry,

I also have a drinking trigger with my old smoking habit, and I also had a slip up a couple weeks ago when it was late and I was tanked. I reverted right back, just grabbed a smoke and went at it like I never missed a beat. Most of the friends I have smoke, especially when drinking, but I have been able to not smoke around them for a few reasons.

1) Non Smoking Facilities - The state passed a smoking ban in bars last year, so when people get up to go smoke, I resist the impulse to get up with them, keep my ass in the chair and hang out with my other good friend, beer.

2) Progress - I've been tracking how long I've been smoke free, how much money I've saved, and how many cigs I HAVEN'T smoked(this is the most amazing number). The thought of starting all over again and beginning to break all the habits and triggers AGAIN is enough to put me off.

3) Mind Set - Probably the most important thing that keeps me from smoking is telling other people, and myself, "I don't smoke anymore." People I have known for years still ask me if I want to go have a smoke, and every time I can tell them no, I don't smoke any more. It feels good to say, and immediately puts a barrier up against peer pressure.

These things have been working for me, but quitting is a very personal struggle so you will need to find the tricks that work for you. Find those tricks and it will be much easier. I hope this helps, best of luck to everyone.


30 days smoke free -1 regrettable one.


Ive done 4 weeks now and have not had a drink for this reason. Im also worried im going to smoke a few ciggys. So i have prepared in advance and brought the E-Lite cigs just incase i do. Id rather have the temptation of a false one.

Everyone keeps telling me not to bother with the electric ones as in theory im still smoking and will never over come the smoking and drinking together. However my view for me, is that its better to have this than the real one.


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