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Who is this alan carr?

I am on day 12...and as I flow thru all the threads,

I will now and again see the name Alan Carr.

Evidently there is a book out? Or some type of option that

his book or suggestions offer. Can someone enlighten me on this?

Oh and 1 more thing, it seems to me, most folks that

are here and that comment, are from outside of the USA.

Am I correct? Thanks a bunch in advance! God Bless!

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Book by Alan Carr

Hi Bluetree

Yes, Alan Carr wrote a book about quitting smoking. I read it & it seems to be about changing your mindset. For example, when you have the cravings for a cigarette, instead of thinking "I'm missing smoking" you turn it around & think "I'm so thankful that the nicotine demon is leaving me - these are the signs that it's working".

I guess it's putting a positive rather than negative perspective on the symptoms of quitting smoking. It's a bit like exorcism in a way I guess! I'm on day 5 of quitting ( using Champix ) & I do find that his psychological perspective can help.

By the way I'm also from outside the USA - Australia


hi bluetree

yes like nonico says it changes your mindset i read it two weeks into my quit and believe it help massively

read it anyway if it helps thats brilliant if it doesnt work for you theres nothing lost

i am UK based as are alot on here but there are people from all over the world here and everyone is welcome anyway

stay strong



ive been searching online for books about giving up smoking and came across loads including alan carr was thinking about getting one but not sure which one to buy

im from the uk as well

also how can i stop putting weight on and also my bf is a smoker i keep thinking how am i going to be able to kiss him when i stop :eek: i have tried to persuade him to stop with me but he isnt ready and will stop in his own time mind you if i say no more kissing do you think that will inspire him abit more :rolleyes:


Alan Carr is a slightly camp comedian with goofy teeth and psoriasis, Allen Carr is a slightly (no make that totally) dead businessman who wrote The Easyway method to smoking cessation.

Luckily, for Allen, he spotted a lovely niche and produced The Easyway for women, Easyway for the unconvinced, Easyway for Scorpios, Easyway for toddlers and Easyway for those sitting on the fence, etc, etc

He also set up his clinics which offered a money-back guarantee.

A staunch NRT protestor, his method was beautifully simple and if you followed his party line quitting was a doddle. If you accept that nicotine is why we smoked and the entire purpose of smoking was to replenish a dwindling level of nicotine in the bloodstream then he's the chap for you.

I'm quite happy to say he was instrumental in my own quit but as soon as I started asking the questions he never seemed to answer, then things weren't as clear cut.

He was a bit of a charlatan but his initial book should be on the reading list of any quitter as it's a pool of information and education and worships at the feet of hypnotherapy. Later editions get a bit "I am Carr, prostrate yourself at my god-like feet" but his heart was there for sure.

The book has been out for many years.

Despite his failings he was a very prominent NRT activist and his death a major loss for the movement.


ahh so you would recommend his book :confused: sorry i got abit lost about what you was saying lack of sleep and way to much caffine has that effect on me first thing

or is there a different book i could read if its not the nicotine :confused: then what does make us smoke i know habits and being around people that smoke as well dont help as sometimes i smoke more if im with some of my family ive got family that are light smokers like me then ive got family that smoke 40 plus a day i try and avoid spending too much time with them ive already said that when i quit they can go outside if they want a fag but there reply is well we wont come round to see you then :eek:

i should have come out with that line years ago saved me a fortune on biscuits sandwiches and meals for that matter :p


Have a look at his website for more info. The book is quite repetetive but this helps you remember the main points.

The site is UK based ( domain) so the majority on here are British, however anybody is more than welcome!!!


When I bought the book, I assumed it was written by an extremely camp UK TV presenter!

I found the book to be intensely annoying to be honest.


The book, from my perspective, is hopelessly padded out and could easily have been condensed to a booklet. But then how would that have made so much dosh for Carr?

For those posters interested there is a free pdf available by googling 'Allen Carr Scandal' and one of the hits should indicate that pdf.


ahh so you would recommend his book :confused

He was a bit of a charlatan but his initial book should be on the reading list of any quitter


is there a different book i could read if its not the nicotine :confused: then what does make us smoke?

There is plenty of information if you've a happy week or two to spend surfing.

Forgive me if I blatantly link you to one of my own posts.. just to confuse you further. :D


Forgive me if I blatantly link you to one of my own posts.. just to confuse you further. :D

You get them on this thread.

That aside not all his posts are as confusing and it may do you well to read up a recent one linked here

I'll get them on another.

Ve vill make zem read and educate zemselves!!


This is my opinion.

I thank Allen carr for producing this method for smokers to quit, he makes you really understand the nicotine trap and how we all get caught. He explains the illusions that smokers feel when smoking.

He is certainly the main man when it comes to quitting smoking, God Bless him..


Thanks Everyone for all the information!

I will look him up and see what I can find out.

I am on Day 13...yesterday no patch today..

still here...Hmmm maybe I don't need the patch to get thru a day....

let me explore this further....Patch will be ready tho JIC! ;)


What to read

So what books are the best to read then, I am a bit confused now :confused:

Zoe xx


Allen Carr all the way for me baby!....gotta hand it to the man, he makes you think about smoking in a completely different way. Some will get it, some won't. Horses for courses and all that. Give it a whirl, you may be one of the people that get it and you quit better from having read it. You can probably borrow it from the library or purchase a cheap second-hand copy from amazon. Good luck everyone.

Lisa x


Yeah Karri,

Know what you mean.

I don't like reading up on quitting as it doesn't help me. Personally I'd rather get my advice from people on here. At least I know it's honest and not being said to make a quick buck.

Just want something to tell me how to think of 'normal' things instead of cigarettes all the time .... Carr, Shmarr :D

Zoe xx


Bless you Karri, I am in a caffuffle :eek: (whatever that word means :D) But you got the jist :)

Zoe you did 50 days before your little blip and you were really positive. I know life has dealt you a lot of crap and there have been a couple of times where you have smoked since. Why don't you try a different tactic. Why not for now pretend your blips never happened and treat your quit as still being at 4 months. It might make you feel more settled and positive about it all again. If you smoke again then go back to the start. I think counting the early days is messing with your head and affecting your "quitting confidence" a bit. Just a thought but don't feel pressured by anyone to do it in a certain way. This is YOUR quit and the only one who makes decisions is you. x x x

You are so right in that counting the early days is messing with my head and wrecking my confidence, you are spot on there. It's caused me to lose all my real motivation. But if I treat my quit as still being 4 months the blip, blip, bliperty fag cops will come after me on this forum, you know they will, and that scares me too and leaves me all alone. But thanks for thinking of me Karri, you are a good friend and have cheered me up tonight. Think a good nights sleep will help me.


Zoe xxxx


I saw a you tube video on Allen Carr...I was not impressed..I will take a 2nd look tho...I want to be fair ...but nothing is that SIMPLE...


I saw a you tube video on Allen Carr...I was not impressed..I will take a 2nd look tho...I want to be fair ...but nothing is that SIMPLE...

Now, are you sure it wasn't the goofy camp guy?? ;)


LOL austin PMSL


This is interesting. I always detested Allen Carr - I found him preachy and annoying, and never got past the first 20 pages.

However, I have learned a lot from people on here that I respect, and who also happen to be big fans of Mr Carr.

So the chances are, I have absorbed some of his teachings along the way, but they were delivered in a way that I found more palitable! That's the wonder of this forum, I guess. :)


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