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day 1 will i always be a smoker? and the battle begins

its only day 1 and already i have had the thought of why am i doing this i will always be a smoker whats the point in trying to stop. lol got to laugh if i dont i will cry.

been on the school run this morn hasnt helped already had temtation in my face about a million times but proud of walking away plus havent gone for coffee with any one, the easier the better for me today. basically locking myself in with the kids lol and keeping buzy!

I am doing this cold turkery due to the fact i have done this before but with patches gum ect and i seemed to be addicted to them was terrified if i forgot to put a patch and that become an excuse to have a ciggie in the end. feeling more encouraged already for having a little rant an checking out how other people are doing.


got to believe in myself ...... if i dont who will......

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hang on in there the 1st few days are gonna be hard. im on day 2, giving up 1 ciggy at a time. can't wait to to counting the weeks and the pennys saved good luck and keep strong.


You can do it

Jojo, you can do this, keep posting on here, lots of wonderful people to help you through...

Good luck :D


Well done, Mea :0

Had a quick read at your post yesterday in which you mentioned that you'd done some planning for today and this quit. Always a helpful thing to do in getting a successful quit of the ground.

Much of the first few days can seem quite strange and your normal routines can be trigger points as you know. It's possible that you may wish to forego your coffee for possibly a tea just to break that routine. There are other things you can do such as plan what you are going to do at the times when you usually have a smoke.

Sipping water can help; vitamin C and D are sited as being helpful to rebalance your body whilst it cleanses itself.

Getting involved with the Forum and posting, as you've found, is of enormous help too. It puts you in touch with those that are going through exactly the same as you and therefore can totally understand most of the predicaments.

Keep on keepin' on,



Mea you CAN do this. It's hard for the first 2 or 3 days, but you know... you've got kids, perhaps you went through the process of childbirth. It's certainly not harder than that (I assume)!

Every time you feel like defeat is heading your way, go and look at website, or post here!


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