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It's now 34 days :)


Hi guys,

this is my first post on here, but i signed up and felt I had to share my thoughts, and feelings whilst quitting smoking.

I've undergone a lot of changes in my life over the past month, not only have i quit smoking cold turkey, i went cold turkey on caffeine too, i stopped drinking coke, cups of teas etc, i stopped eating kebabs/takeouts/pizzas/crisps/chocolate, lots of sugary drinks, just stopped everything!

I'm 22 years old, and smoked since the age of 15, i hit around 20 smokes a day 2 years ago, some days I smoked less, some more.

I had a bit of cold, and thought right, i'll use this to my advantage and stop smoking. I went cold turkey on the nicotine, and the caffeine.

Day one I felt positive in myself, really positive actually. Then day 2 came!

I woke up in the morning, felt a little tired, got my daughter ready for school, got her in the car and started driving her to school, and all of a sudden my heart just started racing, i had to pull up and take deep breaths and relax myself as i was really panicking, it lasted for about 20-30 seconds the racing heart, but afterwards I felt really really tired.

I got my daughter to school, drove home, and had a lay down. I felt OK after a lay down, but my energy levels really dropped.

The most noticeable withdrawal symptoms started on day 2, anxiety, tiredness, restlessness.

Day 3 and 4 slowly came, anxiety attacks and racing heart increased, I was on edge all the time. The attacks was mainly when I was in the car, and physiologically this affected me big style, as I dreaded getting in to the car in a morning to take the daughter to school and picking her up, because I was scared of getting the anxiety again.

Day 5-6 the anxiety/rapid heart beats become much more manageable, deep breaths, and they was over within a few seconds.

As I went cold turkey and did not do any research before quitting, i decided to join a local stop smoking group at my local clinic, we talked etc, and they gave me a nicotine inhaler and they said these would improve my anxiety.

So I started taking that, and my anxiety become worse! I went to doctors, and he said i'm fine, and gave me some beat blockers, which I have not taken one of as I dern't.

I'm feeling much better after a month now, I rarely get the anxiety as much. If i do, it's when i'm active. Occasional aches and pains all over my body/random places. I can smell much better, taste better, but i'm still off my food slightly, i'm only just today starting to eat whilst wanting it/without having to force it down my throat.

I'm still very very fatigued though.

I don't know what hit me hardest, the stopping smoking or the caffeine, but i went cold turkey on both, and changed my whole life style.

My advice to anyone is don't give in. It's amazing what your body does to you to try and give in to this drug(s). Chest pains, headaches, fatigue, coughs, racing heart, legs like jelly, and lots of other symptoms.

Stick it out, think of your health and how much money your saving.


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Well written bud and accurate. I agree and have experienced most of the above symptoms. However, you missed (for me one of the big ones) being bunged up! :eek:

Hey lewisd I kno exactly wat ya going thru. I have had to change my lifestyle too like no coffee/fizzy drinks/chocolate/dairy. All healthy things eaten here! I Write a food diary so I kno wat I'm putting inside myself!! The only things I'm drinking is green tea n loadsa water n apple n banana juice! Im Not as brave as u tho chap iam on the patches at the mo but will be cutting the corners off them so lowering the dosage so wen I go down to 7mg it won't be that bad then I can cut that amount down straight away too. N wean myself off nicotine for good without such a big drop off point. Looks like we quitted on the same day too! Good luck chap n don't listen to ya doc n take them pills. My doc did the same to me too, seems docs don't kno the symptoms of smoking withdrawel, just blame it on stress n u being depressed. Keep up the no smoking chap n all the best.

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