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Days 5 and 6 - hanging on!

Hi folks,

Still here and still hanging on.

Yesterday was my first very big test and have passed it with flying colours - previously, when travelling to set, the first thing that I did when getting in the car was to light up and used to keep on smoking until I got there - my antedote to a very grumpy Satnav!!!!

So, to overcome this one, (I have stopped using the patches btw - too much hassle and not really needed so am going cold turkey-ish) I had a packet of niquitin minis. Never again. They gave me the most painful acid indigestion I have ever had and that was with one!

On set, nearly everyone smokes so I thought I would be in a right pickle, but surprisingly, it really didn;t bother me at all. I went armed with a packet of Russian fags, which are vile, as back up - psychological - if I have them, I would not be dashing off to the shops to buy them and therefore by having them, I wouldn't want them anyway - hope that makes some kind of sense!

My cravings are at their worst first thing in the morning and last thing at night and so long as I can keep busy, then the ones in the day aren't quite so bad now, although there is a kind of constant feeling of something missing.

I am sleeping really well and seem to be tired at the right times! I am (skip this if you are of a delicate nature) bringing up some really vile stuff which actually strengthens my resolve as I don't want to be having that on my lungs.

So, here I am at day 6 - a place I really didn't think I would get to! Only 1 more day to make it a week and if I get that far, my husband has promised to clean out my car for me, amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

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your doing so well and yes moving up to week 2 is a great achievement :D

psst can your hubby come and clean my car out as well please :p hehe


Thank you very much Carol!

I am really quite chuffed with myself too and have given myself a gold star on my quit chart. Will have to put some more money in my box tomorrow too.

I would lend his nibs to you to do your car but after he's seen what a sty mine is, he will never, ever volunteer again!!!!

It is still full of fag ash, loose tobacco, dog ends, general crap, costumes, more fag ash, more dog ends etc etc etc..............


hehe well it was worth a shot :D:D im so glad your feeling so positive and if i knew how to find a pic of a star i would have posted it but when i typed in pics of stars into google all i got was sites for pics of celebs so i checked out astrology so instead of just one star im sending you a galaxy of them just for you :D


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