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No Smoking Day
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Hi all,anyone out there tried the champix route? Im on day 13 but only day 2 smokefree. The champix seem to be doing their job but Im sure its making me an insomniac,I cant get to sleep on a night then when I do Im having the weirdest,most vivid dreams which are making me wake up startled! Anyone else found this or is this a side effect of nicotine withdrawal and when will it go away?

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Hi Clare, just finished taking Champix, for me taking the second tablet early, around 3-4pm in the afternoon helped initially, I then reduced it to half a tablet in the evening, then finally just took one in the morning, stick with the Champix if you can, it's really work for me, gone from 20-30 a day to zero, nearly 8 weeks quit.

There is also a Champix social group on here with lots of helpful reading.

Good luck :D


Hiya Clare Lou....I've never used Champix but have read loads of posts on here concerning CHampix.

Apparently a lot of people experience bad dreams/nightmares on Champix....as for the insomnia I believe that is a common complaint amongst quitters whatever method they use to quit. I have insomnia myself and it's a b**ch. I still have insomnia and I've been quit 9 weeks. I'm wondering when that will resolve too. As for the dreams I assume you'll have them as long sa you're taking the Champix. I'm not sure whether they go away by reducing the dose however. Some other members might be able to help you there. You're doing great, keep at it.

Lisa x


HI Clare,

I tried Champix, reluctantly I might add. I saw the side affect of nightmares on the leaflet and knowing how vivid my imagination is already felt this may not be ideal. The smoking nurse convinced me, however, that not everyone gets the same side effects so I gave them a go. Only 2 days in and on the 2nd night I had the most horrendous and disturbing nightmare in my entire life!:eek: I figured if that was the effect I would become increasingly anxious around bed time and find it difficult to settle, suffice to say I binned them immediately.

I may be an extreme case as I didn't even get to the smoke free part, so well done you. I hope others will be along to give you a better insight or some tips as you're this further on down the line. :)


Hi Clare

I stopped using Champix, and have now been smoke free for over five months. I suffered quite badly with the side effects, but for me, it was worth it because it really helped me to stop smoking. It can be very difficult to work out what is a side effect of the Champix, what is down to nicotine withdrawal, and what is due to other factors such as age, health etc.

I slept really badly all the way through, although it did help a bit to take the second tablet much earlier - I was taking mine at around 2pm. It didn't seem important how you spaced the tablets out, so this may be worth a try. Equally, reducing the dosage didn't have any impact on me either, so that could be another consideration if you are still finding it difficult to take.

Good luck


Thank you for your replies,new to this forum and happy to know there is a lot of support :) !

I think that is where I am going wrong,Iv been taking my 2nd tablet just before I sleep :eek: !

Iv took it at 6 tonight so a little earlier,shall see if that improves things, I no you have to leave 8 hours between and I dont take the 1st until about 10ish as have my breakfast at 9 and have found taking them before food has made me feel dreadful!

Back to the smoking clinic for the first time tomorrow so shall express my concerns..apart from that tho I think Champix is the route for me,definitly takes the edge off! Thanks again x


I can't say enough good things about my own experiences on champix, but everyone is different. It seems as though the people who have negative experiences shape others anxieties when taking the drug.

I always have vivid dreams so it's hard to tell really. Personally I enjoyed the vivid dreams.


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