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Day 2 Brain fog driving me nutts!!

Hello im new to this forum and im really sorry if my post doesnt make sense bit i litterally feel like my brain has been taken out of my head! This is my first time quting cold turkey and i must say i think its alot easier than with NRT, i dont have any wanting for a cigerrete and its just the physical syptoms of nictotine withdrawal bothering me.

How long does this brain fog last? it has taken me 4 hours to get showered and dressed!! lol i start a new job on saturday i dont know how i can cope like this they will think im an idiot! ha

Do you think it will be gone by satuirday 7th?

Thanks xxx

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ahh bless you sending you a virtual ((HUG))

it will get easier honestly i know it dont feel like it will now but it will the early days are the worse but once your system is clear you will start to feel normal again but even then you will still get times where the cravings wilbe bad you just have to try and work through them keeping mind and hands busy with each one listing your reasons and re reading them will help posting on here will also help but dont think too far ahead just concentrate on the now and before you know it each milestone wilbe here and you wilbe wondering how did that happen :eek:

onwards and upwards is the way to go

regards Carol


Hiya brain fog lifted about day 4...when all the nicotine had left my body. It really does feel like your brain isn't working probably and it's been wrapped in cotton wool. You're doing great by the way....I too found CT much better than NRT. I believe it suits some people rather than others.

Lisa x


Thank you for the re-assurance, as long as i can see a light at the end of the tunnel its fine! 4 days is worth never having to do it again!

good luck to everyone else xxx


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