This time one year ago

So what was i doing one year ago today

for starters i was feeling so so scared, i was panic smoking like you wouldnt believe [thought if i smoked loads i could build up abit of a stock pile inside me ,WRONG] i was very nervous on how i was gonna cope with stress, happiness, concentration, boredom etc i now see they completely contradict themselves.

i had really yellow fingers,yellow teeth, a hacking cough, smelt like a gone of ashtray, feared for my health on a daily basis, every tiny pain i had i was convinced i had cancer, i was trapped, i missed time with my kids so i could smoke, i didnt enjoy family days out as i didnt smoke infront of my kids, i remember driving home fast from places so i could smoke sooner, couldnt taste my food properly, couldnt smell properly, had blocked ears and couldnt hear well [about a month before i quit], never had money, when really skint would unroll dog ends and smoke them

and now

i can cope with stress, happiness,concentration and boredom ---just had to learn how to

yellow fingers ---- gone

yellow teeth -----white

hacking cough -----gone

smell like an ashtray ------ now smell delicious

fearing for my health ---- no longer the case

thinking i have cancer with each pain ----- dont get any pains

trapped-------------I AM FREE

missed time with my kids ------making up for lost time now

didnt enjoy family days out-----love em now they just go to quickly now

driving home fast----drive normally now as logic pervailled when nicodemon left me

couldnt taste----yummy yum can now

couldnt smell----mmmm can now

blocked ears-----gone

no money---still not great but spent on nice things now

smoking dog ends---kick myself for stooping so low

two days till i reach the penthouse did i think i could do this before i started----- not in a million years

to all you newbies it is so do-able all you have to do is get through the bad time to get to the good

thankyou to all on here who have helped me i hope i give some back now again helping others

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  • Well done Boo!!! One year is a huge achievement and one I hope to be making on November 13, 2012!!! Enjoy the penthouse, hope they've got the champagne on ice for you :D

  • well done boo!!! i totally feel this post!!

    we are almost there...a year already!!:eek:

    i never ever thought this was gonna be possible but we all did this together!

    congrat boo!! and never look back!!

  • Massive congrats to you guys......what an absolute inspiration you are :)

    Drinks all round me thinks :D

  • I'm saving a seat for all you guys at the bar... nearly there!! So exciting :D :D

  • A great comparison to read and what a great inspiration! well done boo on your 1 year :)

  • Honest and brilliant post boo. You really had me with the dog end part, remember that myself. Don't know if I've ever admitted it either!


  • haha might as well get it all out in the open lol, it does make it really hit home how addicted we were , what we would do to feed our addiction and how low we could go

    at the time of unrolling my fag butts it didnt seem so bad the way i looked at it then was at least i can still smoke

    but now OMG did i have no standards back then, no obviously not

  • Bloody brilliant boo. You have earned all those benefits and more. Keep on supporting others as you do now. David

  • hey, congrats to you Boo.... I was right there with you a year ago today... and I am right there with you today.

    I only just realised that it's penthouse day tomorrow... have had a rubbish christmas with an extremely bad dental infection that required hospital treatment, so my mind hasn't been on my quit until today.

    It's been such a positive move, giving up smoking. I can't think of starting again. I love the freedom of being an ex smoker, the extra money, and the cleansed feeling I have.

    the effort was worth the sense of satifation I now have now knowing I have quit.

    Well done to all the NY 11 quitters, and everyone else.


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