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day 96

now on day 96 and am feeling good. had to run for the bus this morning and wasn't even out of breath had i done this as a smoker i would of been out of breath and my heart would of been pounding . first run i have done since quitting . have an excellent smoke free day. been looking at the cost of gum for when i go out for new years . it's not cheap 30 pieces for a little over 6 pounds . I'll have to get some though to keep me off the cigarettes. i hope it tips it down. at least i won't get wet chewing that as the smokers will going out side. any way I'll post more tomorrow.

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You might find it easier than you think. I've been surprised how I've been on nights out, not bothered at all. Well, why would you miss standing out in the cold and rain while everyone else is inside enjoying themselves. What did you use to quit? Are you on NRT? Unless you are already on NRT gum may be a bad idea, as it will put nicotine back in your system and may start proper craves again :eek: If you are on NRT isn't £6.00 at the least what you'd have spent on a night with your 20 friends, oh and not to mention the next day and the one after that...:p Anyway...have a good one whatever you do!!!


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