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day 94

day 94 . no cigarettes so far and feeling positive. really feeling that i can do this now. don't think i will ever smoke again . might regret putting that but i am feeling optimistic. the longer i go without lighting up the easier it's getting . i must add i am using an electronic imitation cigarette so that might have something to do with my success so far. when i quit the thing then i guess I'll see where i am at. got most of the toxins out of my body apart from the nicotine so when i do stop its use it should be easier than going cold turkey off regular cigarettes. may the force be with you

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Hi, I am glad that you have managed without lighting up a real cig for 94 days but I worry that when you finally put the electronic thing down you are still going to have to give up not only the nicotine but also the actual hand to mouth habit which is the bit a lot of us find hard to do, maybe you could now consider cutting the nicotine down and when you have that bit controlled then you can cut out the psychological habit of the electronic device.

I hope that you find it all easy to get past and that your last stage of quitting is a doddle.

Have a happy and healthy new year.


hard to quit the e cigarette

yes it may be difficult or it may be a breeze. i will find out in about a month when my juice runs out . if i find i need something else i will try the gum or the lozenges . would rather try cold turkey first though. i have read somewhere that the e cig is easier to give up than the real thing but we'll see . have a merry Christmas and a happy new year


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