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interview blues

Hi all, Live in spain but trying to relocate back to UK. Have 6 hour assessment [interview + tests] on Friday with Landrover. I am flying out on Thursday stopping with brother and sis inlaw both smokers - interview Friday, see family Saturday ,back to Spain on Sunday. Trying to prepare for tests at moment, have the cravings real bad, feel stressed out. Need this weekend over with, not sure if I am going to cope with this feel the cracks appearing - HELP!!


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I live just behind Land Rover near Solihull...noisy b*stards at times:mad:

My OH still smokes and she stinks at times:eek: Your brother & sis in law will probably put you off!!!

Interviews are going to be stressy whether smoking or not...take some polos withyou - helps me concentrate at work!!



Sounds like you've got a hectic couple of days ahead. Like Dave1968 says, all interviews are stressful whether you smoke or not. Try keeping your focus on your initial reasons for wanting to quit. This may sound gross but how about get a glass container & put a load of fag ends in there. When you think you might flag, take the lid off & take a whiff. The smell will hopefully be enough to turn your stomach & help you re focus on continuing to be a non smoker.

Good luck with the interview. Looking forward to hearing how you get on. :D



I am taking my e-cig with me, have been cold turkey for 12 days but think it is better than smoking. fly out early morning ,fingers crossed all goes well.



Will keep my fingers crossed for you. Let us know how you get on. Good luck - with both the smoking & the interview.


Jonny I'm rooting for you....come on now we're in this CAN do it......

MASSIVE good luck with the interview.......

you think you've got stresses I hit 45 today n my youngest son asked me to explain how it felt living through the Industrial Revolution lol :eek: I popped 23 polo's a bottle of water and shoved a bottle of vino in ze fridge!!!

Joking aside......I'm here doing the same thing as u ....cyber space we may be but you are gonna do it :)

Michelle :)


Thanx Michelle, Your kinda like my quit buddy, arrived this evening am at big bro's house with sis in law, both smoking. Last time I was here a couple of months ago I was smoking aswell feels good to be smoke free, still have the cravings and its hard knowing there are ciggies all around me, have just popped up stairs to read a few posts and get my fix off this forum- you know like a resolution top up. Hope everyone is OK - will be more supportive of others once all this is out the way, i'm kinda wrapped up in my own battle at mo.

Hasta pronto



Sorry Michelle forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 45 aint so bad, so how was the industrial revolution?? enjoy vino - talk tomorrow.



Good luck with the interview Nickif, but are you really sure you want to come back here lol.

Good luck with the smoking relatives too, Im staying with my parents at the moment and my mum smokes, I find the smoke irritates me now and I mean physically. My son and daughter in law smoke too. They dont smoke in the house as they have a small baby, but they live in an appartment with a private lobby and stairs down to their front door, the stand out there and smoke. Even with the windows open it stinks.

Im sure that after being smoke free you will find the smoke and smell unbearable. Just remember that you are strong enough to do this and its only for one day at a time.

Lillie x



i had an interview and got the job a few weeks ago. Like you I would typically be chain smoking but I just managed to follow some good advice from here about thinking how badly I would smell if i smoked prior. Also I tried to visualise it as a new phase of my life i.e. I'm a non-smoker and will soon have a job to accompany it

Failing that you could pretend you were a T Rex prior to the interview to get you into the mindset of being an interview killing machine

Good luck fella



Birthday lovely ...Industrial revolution bit hazy wine +++ but NO cigs.....

Now my quit did that interview go?

Smoke smells horrid.....we can rise above those around us who still smoke....we may be cursing n stropping but WE CAN DO IT...

Laters hope all is well :)


Hi all, been for interview - 4 tests against clock, technical interview and behavioural interview, bit worried about behavioural as i'm defo not quite right in the head lately. Think all went OK will hear next week. Sat with bro and sislaw last night playing cards and getting pissed both of them smoking, to be honest was'nt that tempted as the smell was strong and made me cough, still have cravings today but they are manageable. YEE HAH !!! I

didn't cave in, still on the wagon.


Nice one Jonny..... Knew u cud do it.... So pleased that even going through all that stress you didn't grab a cigarette....

Whohoo go Jonny go....Safe journey back to Spain



wow you did so well not to cave with all the stress and temptation. :D


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