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Not very nice, but I need to ask

Dear Dedrie (sic?), I have wanted to ask this for a little while but it leaves a not so pleasant image so be prepared.

Ive had a horrible tongue for years, very thickly coated in that horrible yellowy, orange stuff. The dentist has never remarked on it apart from saying I see you still smoke!

Ive not had a smoke in 53 days, and although the coating has gone thinner and isnt covering such a large area, its still there. I have bought a tongue brush and a scraper and tongue cleaning paste the stuff wont go.

When I have tried to stop in the past, if only for a few days my tongue has cleared up within 2 days, this time nothing and its driving me mad as it reminds me I used to smoke.

Is anyone else having the same problem, or have you had it and found a way to clear it up?

Please help :p

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Funny but my tongue took a while to completely go back to pink and then this year its gone back to being coated again and not through smoking obviously, its thrush I think from being run down and Doc gave me some nasty yellow stuff to use, the slight problem is that when we quit smoking we blame everything on stopping smoking and sometimes its not the quitting its happening for another reason, maybe go stick your tongue out at the Dr LOL


try an antihistamine (piriton / piritease)

I had an allergic reaction to something earlier in the year and my tongue went green then yellow - antihistamine sorted it!!! You could be slightly allergic to your toothpaste or something just as daft.


LOL Jamangie, I wonder what my doctor would think if I walk in with a yellow thing stuck out of my mouth. Im going to try the anti hystamines and if they dont work a visit to the doctor will be next.


PS I think Im addicted to the site again .....................


I had this once as a child when i had loads of fizz. Not quite sure that's much help but it's always good to share, non? :confused:


If the furry tongue is accompanied by a foul taste in your mouth, then it is definitely thrush.


No, no foul taste. Im just mad because I want it to be pink but I suppose in the grand scheme of things its not that big a deal.

It used to go pink when I still smoked after a good night out with lots of vodka, maybe thats the answer. I will have a vodka and coke, stand watch on the forum all night and give my alcohol addled brain a chance to give everyone advice LOL! I dont think anyone would want that one, I talk the biggest load of bull when drunk :o

But I have been accused of doing that when sober he he he


I AM addicted to this site again! Ive been on and off all day. Right Im moving my comfy chair back in too! But the truth is Ive missed you all :D


Hi Lillie - welcome back!

Certain inhalers have given me oral thrush in the past - it might be worth checking this with your doctor. It's very annoying, but if that's what it is, then it will be easy enough to deal with.

After 50 odd days, the least you deserve is a pink tongue! :p


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