No Smoking Day
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patience of a saint NOT

My mum called yesterday and asked if i could drive her to my house when i finished work at 2.30 today so dad didnt have to double back after work to go shopping?!

sounds easy hey? lol my mum is an alcoholic and smokes she also wanted to bring her neighbour also a smoker so they could wait for my dad yup you guessed it also a smoker to take them shopping.

so i go pick mum and friend up and mum greets me with "wow you've put weight on your face you look like me now (i have never looked like my mum and im not yellow with 4 teeth in the whole of freaking head at the age of 59).

then she says "actually no you look like your older sister" who is lovely but looks more like mum, then she says actually you look more like your aunty (her sister) whom i look nothing like as with any other of the suggestions made.

in the end i basically said " no actually mum i look like myself after eating anyone who pee's me off by saying i've put on weight after not smelling having white teeth and lots of them and not spending my husbands money on my freaking smoking and drinking habit(cause she has been too lazy and drunk to work for years) :(

her poor friend looked sooo embarrased and could just about muster saying "i think you've done amazing to be smoke free for 5.2 weeks and to have listened to your mum's rubbish for this long i would have sworn at her ages ago" she turn's to look at my mum and says "now if you have nothing nice or encouraging to say to your daughter i suggest you be quiet"!!! freaking priceless hey, this is of course the point when i realise i'm off tomorrow due to son's school being on strike so sit and pour myself a big fat glass of wine, yes on a tuesday and intend to have 1 or 7 more lol.

p.s dad turns up for a cuppa before taking them shopping, he works for a snack delivery company and anything biscuits, crisps etc that is close to date they bring home he only brings me cadbury's turkish delight biscuits 2 boxes of 12x150g now im gonna like all 3 of them put together pmsl.

never quit quitting


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OK calm down and remember that no matter what she says she is your mother who we should be tolerant of, treat with respect, run them about here their and every where no mattter how fat and ugly she is trying to make you feel.

So the next time she rings and wants to come over with her friend when they both smell like ash trays, take a really deep breath and

Scream down the phone NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO


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