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How am I going to deal with this

I dont know how I am going to do when my best friend of 15 years dies Booger(funny name I know). I think about it every now and again. He is ok but really shows his age sometimes. This might seem silly but a dog is mans best friend. Same thing goes for any loved ones. I also have Betsey(black one) and Roscoe(brown one). I think Im done with the cigs but anxiety is always showing its ugly head. Its snowing here early. I was getting cabin fever.

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Please post your pets TY

This is a good pic.


Knob's pic

:D knob's pic


Booger Wooger

Booger and me You like my swords Arrrrrrg


Awww how cute are they!

Lillie x



I did not even know this was an English forum when I first joined but figured it out and I find you very interesting. I love it. Robert M made our news tonight about opera singer tabloid scandal. Do you all read the tabloids? He owns FOX over here biggest news channel here. I think he is worth 7 billion. 100,000 pounds isnt much is it. Tight Wad?


Very cute...I'm also lovin the swords on the wall! A retro take on the whole "lets hang swords on the wall" in the 70's???? Very cute dogs blake. And yeah very upsetting when they have to leave us. I still miss my best mate "Sam the SPAM wonderdog" from when I was growing up...we used to go fishing together and he always nicked and ate my SPAM meat I used to go fishing with. What brill times we had...but I've many lovely memories (my mum has a picture of me curled up with sam in his basket together when I was about 5).

Yes mostly from the UK on this site, I had a peep at a U.S. forum a while ago, crikey it was strict. One relapse and you're out for good (also people talk about him upstairs a lot!).

I missed the whole opera singer tabloid scandal - that's not to say it's not been on our news, I just never get to watch telly with a 3 year old anymore. ANyway...nice talkin with yer pardner, keep with your quit, you're doing fantastic.

Lisa x


Gorgeous dogs. There have always been dogs and cats at our place, so I know how you feel. It's always upsetting to watch them get older and slower.


Hey Blake. As a huge animal lover I know how you feel about the dogs (they are gorgeous aren't they). They bring so much joy and happiness into your life don't they and then they break your heart when they have to leave.

Someone once told me that animals are only lent to us...we have to return them to their owner soon or later. All we can do is give them the best life we possibly can, which I'm sure you have done, and be grateful for the memories (which will always be good).



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