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Woo hoo - 50 days!!!

I really didn't think I would be celebrating 50 days - but by some miracle (and my amazing little Champix tabs) I got here - it is only just sinking in...and this is after what has been probably the worst week of the quit. Here is my diary from last week to today (sorry - quite boring really but I have to just put it down)

Monday (last week) - washing machine leaked water everywhere, but hubby managed to find problem and fix.

Wednesday (last week) - toilet blocked up. Won't go into the details, but again hubby managed to fix that.

Went to away on Friday to be bridesmaid for a wedding - bride turned into bridezilla, maid of honour spent all night flirting with my hubby and I ended up with extremly sore feet (hubby's ego was very happy though :D).

Came home on Sunday to find that all electricity was off - and tropical fish practically dead from cold. Saved them - just.

Sunday again - discovered that I had put wrong delivery date on my grocery shopping so decided to got to shops - car battery is dead.

Found out what caused the electricity to fail - wall plug for immersion hot water thingy had practically caught on fire and caused the circuits to break (thank God really) - so no hot water now.

Monday to Friday last week - had auditors in at work.

Monday (this week) - organised electrician for today. Got clearance to work from home today. Found out that broadband at home was now not working and takes 3 days to fix - so can't work from home and too busy to take day off.

Thankfully hubby was able to take today off and I don't know if electrician has arrived or not - and frankly my dear, I couldn't give damn....

Throughout all of the above - I did not smoke!

So - still one day at a time - but looking forward to making it into 3 months now....bring it on!



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Sounds like your hubby has had a good week though!! Nice one!

Well done though. 50 days is a big result! Just think, you only got 10 days to go now before it's 2 whole months!! Well done!


Hey Fellie, my fellow October 2011er, that sounds like a week sent to test you. Well done, 50 days!

I am day 27 today and looking forward to moving into 2 months group.




:D Thats some achievement and even with all the added stress you didnt give into the cravings :D


LOL Fellie,

It sounds even worse than me the other week when I had no leccy :eek:

So glad you didn't smoke and congrats on the 50 days :D

Zoe xx

P.S Don't spose you sing do you, only we could do with an NSD choir here .... :p


Well done Fellie on your 50 days :D Well done too to your husband for averting so many disasters :D Strange how there seem to be "runs" where just about everything goes wrong. Hope you have a smoother week coming up !!!


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